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How-to choose the right solar panel for PCR2-ODS


This article shows how to use the PVGIS tool to simulate the solar operation of a PCR2-ODS. Depending on the latitude, solar operation is difficult or you need a larger panel.

If you analyze the situation beforehand, you can avoid surprises.

Parametric Radar counters with integrated SBX solar chargers and batteries can be operated with a range of solar panels from 5V up to 22Vppush. The possibility to operate a device with a solar cell depends strongly on the place of use. Also meterological influences such as frequent cloud cover, fog, dust have an impact on the performance of an independent solar powered system.



The Photovoltaic Geographical Information System (PVGIS) can be used to simulate off-grid solar systems such as a PCR2-ODS with a solar panel. The online tool can be used free of charge from the EU Science Hub Website.

Important: Weather models used are based on statistical values from the past. Reality can of course differ in case of weather extremes.


Simulate a PCR2-ODS System

Find out if a PCR2-ODS system could work at your location using the SOL9-KIT or SOL17-KIT.

1. Location

Open PVGIS and enter the location where you plan to install the device.


2. Enter Off-Grid Data

Find technical data for your device in the following table.

Device Type Solar panel Installed peak PV Battery capacity Discharge cutoff Consumption per day
28Wh 30 5Wh

Then enter the values into the OFF-GRID section on the right.


3. Analyze result

Press the button Visualize result to get the analysis.

Then switch to the Performance view.

Map push

Optimize system

If you see Days with battery empty you should try to find a system that works for you or choose a DC-powered PCR2-ODS instead.

Optimize Slope

Solar Kits from Parametric come with the adjustable panel mount SOLMT. Slope angle can be adjusted -80 ... + 80°.Try different Slope values at the particular location.


Choose a bigger solar panel

  • Choose SOL17-KIT instead of the SOL9-KIT
  • Choose an even bigger third party solar panel


What should I do if simulation still shows days with empty battery?
  • You could switch of the radar during night by using LoRaWAN Downlinks (command radar_enabled) to save energy

  • You could try to use a bigger solar panel

  • You could operate the device with a power supply connected to mains

What alternative solar panel do you recommend?

Products knowing to work with solar-powered PCR2-ODS:

  • Vicron Energy Blue Solar SPM040201200 20W-12V Mono

  • Vicron Energy Blue Solar SPM040301200 30W-12V Mono

  • Vicron Energy Blue Solar SPM040401200 40W-12V Mono

  • Vicron Energy Blue Solar SPM040551200 55W-12V Mono

Important: Max PV Voltage of the solar panel should not exceed 22V to prevent damages in the charging unit. See PCR2-ODS Datasheet for more information.



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