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Reset PCR2 Device Profile

If the left LED is blinking fast the device has been locked due to an invalid device profile. This happens if you update from a V3.x to a V4.x firmware or if you downgrade the firmware to an older version.

Please follow this procedure to re-install a device profile.

1. Connect via USB

Connect your device via an USB-Cable. Then use a terminal emulation programm like RealTerm to send commands to the device. See the CLI documentation for more details on how to use the command line interface.

DP Reset

2. Reset Profile

Device profile can be reset by sending the following CLI commands.

dp reset

3. Set device type

Set the device type to match what is written on the type plate

set type 0 PCR2-IN
set type 1 PCR2-OD
set type 2 deprecated
set type 3 deprecated
set type 4 PCR2-XIO
set type 5 PCR2-ODS
set type 6 PCR2-ODA
set type 7 PCR2-ODB
set type 8 PCR2-ODBS

4. Set LoRaWAN region

Starting with V4.0 the firmware supports more than one LoRaWAN® region. (Universal Firmware)

lora set region 1 EU868
lora set region 2 AS923
lora set region 3 AU915
lora set region 4 US915
lora set region 5 IN865

5. Verify

Verify the device type by sending the following command

get typestr    

6. Default Settings

Load default settings for the device type set in Step 3.

set defaults    

7. Restart


The device restarts with the new settings. Continue configuration by either using PPX or the CLI.