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TCR-SLI GEN2 Datasheet


TCR-SLI is a solar powered radar object counter with integrated LoRaWAN® connectivity.

The system shared_content powerful radar signal processing that enables bi-directional counting of moving objects in distances up to 10m. Objects can be categorized into up to 4 groups with speed and object size filters. Counter values are transmitted in regular intervals to the LNS (LoRaWAN® Network Server).

TCR GEN2 is a very versatile radar counting system. It enables various applications such as people counting, traffic statistics, use of sports facilities or even security applications.

TCR-Sxx types come with an integrated solar charging unit including tempered battery. The battery is used to backup up to 4 foggy days. The system can be installed very flexible on different locations including remote areas without any electricity.


  • Traffic Counting and Categorization
  • Bicycles
  • Hikers (People Counting)
  • Outdoor Sports
  • Boats
  • Smart Street Lighting
  • Smart City Traffic Management
  • Parking Lot Management


  • Rugged device with protection level against water and dust
  • Robust measurement system (24GHz Doppler Radar)
  • Fully anonymous counting (EU-GDPR compliant)
  • Bi-directional
  • Categorization using speed and object size filters
  • Interval or totalizer mode
  • LoRaWAN™ data uplink intervals between 1 min up to 1440 minutes
  • Configuration via USB-Port or LoRaWAN™ Downlinks
  • Pole or surface mount
  • External power supply 5-12V DC or Solar Panels up to 22V/2A
  • Free Lifetime firmware updates via USB DFU
  • Swiss made
  • 24 months limited warranty, extendable up to 60 months

Technical Specification

Note: This technical specs relates to Firmware 2.2

Side Mounting

When mounted sidewise, TCR can detect objects passing by in both directions

IMPORTANT: Minimum distance to street or path should be more than 50cm

IMPORTANT: If a bigger object hides a smaller object behind it, it will be counted as one.

Wall mounting


The device can be mounted at a pole at around 3m facing towards the street. Our pole mount MT80-15 (accessory) can be used for that. This is useful in public places to prevent damage from vandalism.

Mechanical Specs

Size (L x W x H) 150 x 150 x 60mm
Weight 800g
Protection class (IEC 60529) IP65
Wall mount holes behind hinged caps

Radar Specs

Radar Detection
Frequency 24GHz
Beam Aperture 80° / 34°
Range 50-800cm
Movement detection bi-directional
Movement speed 1-40 km/h (LS), 7-120km/h (HS)
Classification Speed, Size
Mounting Side mounting
Counting modes Interval


LoRaWAN® Specification LoRaWAN® 1.0.3
Regional Parameters v1.0.3revA
Device Classes A or C
LoRaWAN® Features OTAA, ADR, LinkCheck, DeviceTime
LoRaWAN® Regions EU863-870
AU915-928 (8 selectable sub-bands)
US902-928 (8 selectable sub-bands)
Region Channel Datarate Channels Channel Groups Max EIRP
EU868 DR0-DR7 3 (863-870 MHz) n/a 16.0 dB
AS923 DR0-DR7 2 (915-928 MHz) AS923-1 only 16.0 dB
US915 DR0-DR4 64+8 (902-928 MHz) All

20.0 dB
AU915 DR0-DR6 64+8 (915-928 MHz) FSB1
20.0 dB

Internal Antenna

Antenna Type internal monopole, dual-band
868-870 MHz, 902-928 MHz
Antenna Gain 0.3 @ 868 MHz, 1.0 @ 902 MHz

Power Sources

It is possible to operate the unit either with a solar cell or an external 12V power source such as a 12V battery or DC Power Supply. Mixed operation is also possible, with automatic switching.


Please select a small solar module that does not exceed the following power rating. Higher voltages can destroy the internal solar charger. We offer solar modules with 9W or 17W power, which have been tested with the device. (Ask for SOL9-KIT or SOL_17-KIT)

Solar Panel Rating
Voltage 5-22V
Current 0-2A


Battery Type Typical Voltage Min Voltage Full Voltage Charging End Max Charging Current
NiMH 6S1P 7.2V 6.6V 8.1V 8.7V 1000mA

External DC Power (5-12V)

External DC Power 5VDC 12VDC
Nominal Current 37mA 23mA
Peak Current (LoRa TX) 140mA 72mA


M12 8P Connector

The solar panel is connected via the M12SOL adapter plug to the M12 8pin socket.

M12 8P pinout

Pin Purpose
1 V- 0V DC
2 V+ 5-12V DC
3 NC not used
4 NC not used
5 NC not used
6 NC not used
7 VS- Solar Panel negative pole
8 VS+ Solar Panel positive pole

Ordering Information

Device Types and Configurations

The order number (SKU) is composed as follows

Type Speed Class Configuration LoRa Region Configuration
TCR -SLI Internal 868/915MHz Antenna /LS Low Speed Detection
/HS High Speed Detection

Note: Speed Class and LoRa Region Configuration may be changed by the user later.

What is in the box


  • 1x TCR-SLI
  • 1x M12SOL Round Plug Adapter for Parametric Solar Kits


Optional accessories when ordered together with the counter can be found in the same box

SKU Description Used for
MT80-15 Bracket for TCR, 80° tiltable, stainless steel horizontal or tilted mounting at poles
SOL17-KIT Rugged solar panel for use in Central Europe, North America, shared_content mounting hardware and cables
SOL9-KIT Rugged solar panel for use in Southern Countries (Sunny Countries)
PSU12 12V Power supply, IP67 rated, industrial grade winter/summer dual power supply



  • UMSUG Charge Code: 9400011000100



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